A photo-documentary about community service of the youth in 25 countries using the exmaple of Lions and LEO Clubs.

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»You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else«

– Melvin Jones, Founder of Lions Clubs International

Hundreds of thousands around the globe donate their spare time to help people in need every day. Lions Club is the largest service-organisation of it’s kind with around 1.4m members. Their youth-organisation, the so called LEO clubs have around 170.000 members.

Since 2017 I visited 60 LEO clubs around the world and documented their comminity service with my camera. The photo book contains 400 pages and was revealed during the 100th anniversery of the Lions Clubs International in Chicago in July 2017.


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These trips and experiences changed me a lot and it was the best time of my life. Get inspired by hundreds of photographs and motivated to share time with others in order to help.

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Photo: Karoline Pöhn

Visiting Nursery Home in California

A grouo of home schooled kids are visiting inhabitants of a nursery home to spend time with them, play games, decorate their rooms or simply pray with them

Car-Wash in Austria

To raise money for charity projects, these group of young adults wash cars and take care about the customers with drinks and food meanwhile

Putting a Smile on Children Faces

In Denmark the LEOs donate their time to children and kids in hospitals. Their goal is to put a smile on every children's face. In this case they celebrated halloween together with painting and for sure candies.

A School for Street-Children in India

In this school kids who are forced to go to factories or live on the street are getting education. The Lions pay for the building, the teachers, the uniforms and necessary things, the LEOs donate their time and spend time together with the children.

Dental hygiene in Indonesia

In this orphanage in northern Sumatra the kids were given the right instruction for dental hygiene by ongoing dentists. They also got some hygiene care packages with tooth-brush and tooth-paste.

Cooking for Homeless

These canadian group of kids donate their time for cooking for homeless and people in need. They go there each month and cook for them as well as serve them with food.

Food and Hygiene on the Philippines

After some theory lessons about how to wash hands accordingly and take care about the own body and health, the group donated fresh food to the kids and the parents there.

Fashion Show at the Airport

In Posnan (Poland) the LEOs organized a fashion show at the city-airport and were able to fundraise a big amount of money, which then could be used for a good cause.

Safety-Day in Porto

Roughly 400 pupils were brought to a park in Porto where they were able to get in touch with emergency teams such as fire fighters, police or ambulance. They were so able to get in touch with all the rescue teams.

Playing Bingo and Dancing Folklore

In Tucuman (Argentina) we spent a day with retirees, played bingo, had tea and cake and for those who were still feeling young enough some folklore-dancing.

Food Donations for Flood Victims

For those who lost their homes during the devastating flood catastrophe in Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) the LEOs served food in a camp.

» If your pictures are not good enough, you were not close enough «

– Robert Capa

I want to involve the reader into the happening and tell stories. It’s very important for me, not to show harm, but to show the moments of joy, happiness and thankfulness.

With this book I would like to motivate people to share their time with others and help them with this simple act.

On 400 pages I show community service of young people, whom I was able to accompany during my travels in 25 countries over the last three years. From the beginning, the quality of the photos was at the forefront. I wanted to keep the commitment with the utmost attention to detail.

According to the motto "We serve“, I focused on the documentation of projects organized by the members of the clubs during my visit. The aim was to portray the different approaches and ways of "serving" and to compare the similarities and differences in a book.

During the past few years, I have organized all my travels with great care and with great effort in my free time and financed them in the most part. Above all the coordination of the visited clubs turned out to be a big challenge.

I will presented the book at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Chicago in July 2017 and shared my my experiences with attendees from all around the world.

Photo: Karoline Pöhn

Photography has been accompanying me since my childhood. Cameras are the tool to express myself, to visualize my view of the world and to elaborate topics.

I am 35, I have studied at the Fachhochschule in Salzburg, I am running an advertising agency in Holzhausen and a software company in Wels. I dedicate my spare time to documentation of community service and play snooker from time to time.

Between 2009 and 2016, I was a member of the LEO Club Wels. In 2016 I was honored with the Melvin Jones Fellow, the highest award of the Lions Clubs and since 2017 I am a member of the Lions Club in Wels.

The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book
The LEO Book

The Book

A photo documentary about community service of the youth in 25 countries using the example of Lions- and LEO Clubs.

Photos: several hundreds
Content: describing texts in German and Englisch
Format: 24x30 cm
Cover: Hardcover
Publication: July 2017
First edition: 1.000 pcs.

The LEO Book
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Will there be a chance to hear you talking about your experiences and the idea behind TLB?
Yes, please see the dates of my LEO Book Experience Tour and feel free to contact me via facebook, instagram or email.
It is an amazing project because participants in the project get a wide chance to know how LEO movement happening in countries around the world and they can share your immeasurable experience through this project.
Nadee Dayaratne
Leo Club of Panadura - Alubomulla, Sri Lanka
Your visit added feather to our crown and we are really honored/recognized in international arena. The children of Suriya Nagar are very much pleased to entertain you in our own tradition. We hope you enjoyed
Leo Gunasekar T
Leo Club of CEG, India
I just love the idea about The LEO Book and I personally think it is a great honour to be part of it! Being a LEO is the best opportunity to develop while being young. It was an awesome experience having you as a guest in Denmark – and there is never weird silence between LEO’s because we are all one big family!
Sofie Schøler Bargisen
LEO Club Aarhus, Denmark
The LeoBook is a great puzzle of the Lions Club realities in the world, in its various forms, cultures and traditions. This Project highlights how the several Clubs in the world are animated by the same feeling of cohesion and solidarity
Lucia Vasta
Leo Club Catania Gioeni, Italy